Pup Gets Stuck In Onesie Until His Husky Sister Comes To His Rescue


Dogs like to have fun just like the rest of us. It’s true that sometimes their version of “fun” a lot different than ours, but all in all, you know that dogs have their share of mischief and it’s almost always in good fun. So, the same goes for the Oscar, who decided that it was high-time he tried on his owner’s onesie.

Now, onesies can be confusing for someone who’s used to wearing their pants and tees are two separate entities; so it came as no surprise when Oscar got himself in a little pickle with his human’s onesie.

Oscar’s owner, known as “ZestyMike,” had left his dogs to play while he quickly ran to the bathroom. However, upon his return, he finds the pup fully inside the onesie—he was stuck! It’s hard to get into one, so of course, it’s going to be difficult to get out of it when the pup has no idea where the top and bottom are! He soon starts whining for help.

You will notice that there is another dog in the room sitting right beside him; that is his sister, Nora. It’s clear that Nora was just enjoying watching her brother get stuck in the clothing, but she did decide to help him out towards the end. What are siblings for, after all?