Dad Returns After 6-Month Deployment – But It’s His Paralyzed Dog’s Reaction That’s Warming Everyone’s Hearts


They say the dog is man’s best friend. More often than not, this notion is played up in situations that further entrench its validity. In fact, you might have noticed that to some dogs, their nice owner is their only friend. That’s definitely cool!

That being said, you’ll need to look at what’s happening in this cute video to fully grasp the point. Here’s a dog that hasn’t seen his owner for the last 6 months. The man was on deployment during this time. Well, it does look like his return is getting the dog all fired up. He can’t contain it!

This dog may be paralyzed in his hind legs, but he definitely isn’t letting his good owner miss a hug. The canine literally drags himself towards the owner. Next? This is too awesome to describe!