Man Caught on Camera Dumping Dog at The Side of Road, But Cops Don’t Even Have to Look For Him


Owning a pet calls for commitment, dedication, and unconditional love. Sadly, not everyone considers that while adopting the pets.

In Dallas, Texas, the security cameras captured a suspicious thing happening. A car pulled off at the Dowdy Ferry Road and a man left the car. He opened the back door and brought out a small dog on a leash. He later drove off leaving the poor animal stranded on the roadside.

The event occurred on 4th August and the SPCA issued a warrant of arrest on 11th September on the man in the footage.

George Spears was the man in the footage. Spears turned himself in and said that he was helping his sister get rid of the dog. She was unable to take care of the dog.

Fortunately, the dog was saved by the SPCA rescuers. The puppy was renamed Claira-Bella. The little pup was fortunate as another family adopted her and gave her a new name.

The adorable pup was named KD by her new family. Her new owners say the dog is friendly, enjoys cuddling, and watching TV.

Although this story has a sad beginning, it also has a happy ending that will warm your heart.

Watch the heart-wrenching moment this sweet dog had been abandoned on the side of the road.. It is just cruel!