The UK’s largest family with 22 children plans to build their own home to meet their needs


The Redford family is a British family that has been celebrating family life for years. The family first rose to fame in 2012 after starring in the documentary 15 Kids and That’s Not All on British public broadcaster Channel 4. Fans have watched their new show 22 Kids and the Census take off. Currently airing on Channel 5.

Sue was just 14 and Noel was 18 when she gave birth to her first child, Christopher. They have been family owned since 1999 and run Radford’s Pie in Heysham, England.

Sue and Noel Redford have a total of 22 children and 11 grandchildren since the birth of their youngest daughter in 2018. In addition to the TV show, the couple use social media to share details of their lives and explain how the family of 24 works.

On February 1, 2022, the couple posted on YouTube “Q&A! I’m answering your question.” In the video, they answered some questions from their fans about their upcoming plans and life reforms.

The Radford Family , Via Youtube

Thirty minutes after the video, Sue announced that she was going to answer their most frequently asked question: Will they ever move?

The short answer is yes. After looking at plots that sold before the couple could make an offer, Noel explained that they may have finally found a place to call home.

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Looking for the perfect place

At the beginning of the recording, the couple announced that they would be answering a few questions from their fans. One of the first questions they answered was how their daughter got pregnant, how she told her parents, and how she announced it to the public.

The couple told the story of their daughter’s pregnancy announcement. They said their daughter Chloe had sent an ultrasound message to let her know she was pregnant, but she didn’t think it was her at first. They explained how excited they are to have a daughter and their first child.

This innovation made me want to move along with my parents’ other children and grandchildren. Although their house is large, it is not a private house. In their TV show, fans can see that the neighboring houses are within walking distance of the family’s backyard and garden.

The Radford Family , Via Youtube

The couple explained that although they wanted to live for a few months, finding property was not easy. The family wanted both space and privacy, and they had no idea how difficult it would be to find exactly what they needed. “We want to keep this private and confidential,” Sue said.

Even though they found a few properties they liked, the couple sold them before making a marriage proposal. “We’re really stuck, aren’t we?” Sue talked about finding a better place. However, the couple continued to search.

A new place to call home

After several months of searching, they announced that they could complete the search. The couple said they were watching Amazing Story. The land has been licensed for the construction of three different four-room houses. After talking to the architect, the couple said they could change the building permit for a larger house.

Fans watched as the Redfords made changes to their current home. Over the years, the couple has invested thousands of dollars in renovations and additions to make their home more functional. As part of the renovation, the top floor was completely renovated, the park landscaped, and a $6,500 freezer was installed.

The couple said that, despite the repair, the current life does not suit them. That’s why they’re building their own home and fans can’t wait to see how the family designs and regulates it.

When Redfords officially announces their move, fans will get to see the changes they are making to sell their current home. Their house was the most popular backdrop for the show, so viewers could see all the changes to the house that suited them. Given the social nature of their lives, the Redford families are likely to put off selling their homes.

No matter where the couple decides to move, thousands of people will be watching their journey to move all their belongings and children to make their new home their home.