2 Year Old Boy And 99 Year Old Woman Are Best Friends


The network is surrounded by exciting videos and we can follow our 2 year old son Benjamin Olson and his best friend, 99 year old grandmother Mary O’Neill.

They started hanging out during a past lockdown due to the epidemic, and at the same time they became a wonderful friendship.

The video of the boy and her former neighbor touched many netizens, and a snapshot of a wonderful friendship will surely warm your heart.

Benjamin and Mary were forced to stay at home and a wonderful friendship. Grandma doesn’t see her grandson, so she has a lot in common with the little boy, and these scenes are sure to brighten up your day.

See how the wonderful friendship developed between 99-year-old grandmother Mary O’Neill and her two-year-old neighbor Benjamin Olson. Even such a wonderful fairy tale has been written in life!