Grieving Mother Dog Adopts Kittens After Losing Puppies


Last month, another video appeared on the net that got all the attention of the dog’s mother.

She lost her puppies after several unfortunate situations and soon adopted small kittens left without a mother.

This video has already become a real hit on the Internet. To date, on YouTube alone, these scenes have garnered over 1,300,000 views, and the love of kittens has driven many animals to connect to the Internet.

The dog, which lost her puppies, was taken care of by good people in the shelter – soon after the unsuccessful birth, they made her happy with the kittens, which she accepted more than perfectly. She took them for her own, and there was a sense of happiness in her life again.

Watch this awesome video of a mother dog taking a kitten. Do the scenes in the video move you?