A 9-Year-Old Wizard Revealed The Magic Of The Cards AGT 2021


At the final screening of America’s Got Talent, the 9-year-old magician who introduced himself to the world of magic and deception under the stage name of the amazing Shoji also shone with his performance.

He impressed all the judges of the show with his card game.

The video of the choice of a young talented magician has already become a real success on the Internet and to this day has gathered almost a million viewers in one day, and many online users are satisfied with the magic of babies.

The boy, who introduced himself as Wonderful Shoji, repeatedly surpassed the judges in his abilities. The coins disappeared from his hand, and the cards were changed several times.

Watch online about America’s Got Talent’s amazing 9-year-old boy who impressed all the judges and the audience. Will he be able to surprise you with his magic?