The Owner Buys 5,400 Dog Balls to Play With


YouTuber penguinz0 has figured out how to give your dog the best day of his life.

Do you know what they say when the door closes and the window opens? When R Us Games went out of business and started selling 200 boxes of balls for $ 2, the owner of this dog must have opened a window.

He returned home with 5,400 balls and dug a hole in the hallway.


Even the owner found it difficult to get out of the puddle, so he had to use a board to get to the door.

At first, the dog did not know that the balloon was for him. When he realized that the ball was for him, the dog began to misbehave.


The dizzy dog ​​couldn’t get enough of burrowing into a colorful balloon in a puddle. He didn’t want this day to end.

People on the internet don’t understand why they like the dog they see on screen.

Watch 5,400 balls swim in the hallway in the video below and let your dog live his life to the fullest.