Girl Rescues A Dog From Drowning in The Pool


A video of a 19-year-old girl dancing next to a pool has surfaced on social media, especially among young people.

Caters Clips,Youtube

Everything quickly turned upside down, Her dog fell awkwardly into the pool and drowned, so She no doubt jumped after him and saved his life.

Cadence Beevers, a 19-year-old from Mesa, Arizona, was surprised when she filmed a dance show for her TickTock profile.

Her nine-month-old Rottweiler fell into the pool and drowned, and Cadance rushed to help. She took off her shoes, dressed to help the dog out of the water, and jumped into the pool.

The rescue operation was successful and the video quickly became an Internet sensation. Watch a 19 year old girl save her dog from drowning in the pool.