The Elephant takes Woman’s Hat and Hides it in His Mouth


Elephants are animals with a strong sense of community and a strong family. Due to their close relationship, they bury their dead with branches and leaves.

Moreover, they are considered very intelligent animals, as evidenced by the video that is now spreading on the Internet.

RM Videos,Youtube

Recently a video of a cunning elephant stealing all attention was posted on YouTube. Standing in front of the woman, the elephant stole her hat before lowering it over her face. The woman thought that the hat was gone forever, but soon the elephant prepared a surprise.

He did put the hat in his mouth and soon gave it back to the woman in front of him. Even online commentators are not discouraged by his move.

The video has garnered over half a million views in just a few days, and the bishop’s move is sure to impress you. Another proof of how smart the elephant is.