Female Amputee Gives Insight Into Living With Ectrodactyly


Alyssa Cleland, 23, was born with an ectodactyl disorder that prevented her hand from developing normally, leaving her with only four fingers on each hand.

Later, at the age of four, Alice’s right leg was amputated due to a rare case of parietal hemiplegia, which stopped the development of Alice’s right tendon.

Despite these set-backs, Alyssa hasn’t allowed them to dictate her life, as with the help of wearing prosthetics, the young woman based in Dallas, USA, is now a para-dressage rider and regularly takes to TikTok to share aspects of her life and raise awareness.

Alyssa said: “I don’t think ectrodactyl influenced my life much, I was able to adapt to them. My hands are better because they don’t cause pain or problems.