Kim Jeong-hwa Singer Performs ‘Lose Yourself’ By Eminem


Kim Jong-un is a 33-year-old singer from Seoul, South Korea, known in the music world as J.Fla.

Last year, she posted a special singing show on her YouTube channel, in which she starred in the world famous hit movie.

The aforementioned singer from South Korea shone online with a video in which she sang her rendition of the song ‘Lose Yourself’, which was presented in 2002 by American rapper Eminem (full name Marshall Bruce Mathers III).

His video has already become a real hit on YouTube, to date, it has been viewed by almost 22 million people, and his performances have received worldwide recognition.

Many listeners wrote that the voice of the 33-year-old singer was unimaginable. Listen to South Korean JF’s hit “Lose Yourself” by American rapper Eminem.