When The Owner Tries to Stop it, The Cat Eats Catnip


A few days ago, the video only went viral on YouTube, surpassing a million views.

All attention inside was stolen by the “addicted” cat, who could not resist the smell of the cat. He really inspired and made a lot of people laugh on the Internet.

Catnip is a herb belonging to the mint family. Shredding the leaves of a cat releases fragrant oils that prevent it from resisting cat odors. Catnip contains nepetalactone, a chemical that can cause wild reactions in cats.

Cats can smell and smell cats, and after eating cats, such a reaction is staged by about half of the cats, and the other half does not care about catnip at all.

Watch the cat’s funny reaction when the owner first gives him a cat scent. Interestingly, this reaction is organized by about half of the cats, and the other half of the cats do not care.