Little Girl Touches Hearts With ‘Hallelujah’ Figure Skating


We always love dance numbers, especially when it comes to skating.

A special dance show a year ago was performed by 11-year-old Veronica Gilina from Russia, and many Internet users are happy to see her.

Ледниковый Период,Youtube

11-year-old Veronica Gilina is a real talent who has amazed us more than once with her figure skating. A dancer who responded to a video posted on YouTube at the end of 2019 garnered a lot of attention.

She performed on ice in 1984 to the world famous hit “Hallelujah”, signed by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen. To this day, it is considered one of his greatest hits.

The video of his performance was a real success on the Internet: to date, almost 4 million people have watched it on YouTube alone. Watch a dance performance by talented Russian girl Veronica Zhilina.