Heroic Moment People Rescue a Stray Dog Stuck in Tar


A video of kind people rescuing a stray dog ​​in Thailand has been posted online.

The dog fell on a field in the industrial zone and called for help. Soon the stray dog ​​was noticed by good people, and they immediately helped him.


The photo of a helpless stray dog ​​was taken in an industrial area in Nahong Nyok, Thailand. There, workers dumped the remaining tar in the open air, but unfortunately it was the tar that almost cost the dog her life.

He fell into tar and glue. The dog did not know how to help itself, but kind people came to the rescue and pulled it out of the resin using a working machine.

The dog was then cleaned out and is now safe at the shelter. There he was named Mali and now he is looking for new favorite owners. Hello kind people providing such assistance to restless stray dogs.