Rescue Dog Adopts Tthree Kkittens After Losing Puppies


Sometimes the happiest stories start with the saddest.

Finally, the Australian Shepherd was rescued by the Sunshine Dog Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Unfortunately, all of her puppies were born prematurely and eventually died.
“I’ve never poured a whole litter on a mother dog before. I can best describe it as insane. It was so sad that she was looking for these babies. She tore the mattress of the child who was sitting there trying to find the child. ” said Anita Osa, founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue.

She decided to make several phone calls to find out if the nursing mother had the baby she needed.

Wasp decided to adopt three kittens named Georgia.

“I introduced him [kittens] affectionately. I bought one first, and when he sniffed it, he agreed and took it out as if he was going to take it. It’s nice to see how he immediately calms down. ”
Despite the low milk production, the dog was open to feeding the sweet kitten.

Wasp believes that the kitten does not know that there is something else in Georgia. In any case, they see in the dog the image of their mother.

“They are really breastfeeding her,” she said. He cleans them and everything else, but the bond is strong. This is really graphic, he protects these kittens like a child. ”