Nice to meet and play with her mom for two days


I am very happy to see this foal again.


Although horses are made to run freely in meadows, there are special areas where they are safe and cared for.

Horse Rescue in Rainbow Meadows is a “shelter for horses in need,” which provides a grassland refuge where rescued horses are free to run, according to their Facebook page.

Miss Tehya is a two year old foal born in Rainbow Meadow and raised by her guardian.

Miss Techiya was unable to see her mother due to the storm the day after her birth, but today is her lucky day because she will see her mother soon.

Coming out of the barn, he could not stop jumping and jumping with excitement as he walked to the horse’s mother.

While waiting for Miss Tahya’s release, the mother horse cannot take her eyes off her teddy bear.

When they were free, Mori’s mother walked across the field past Mrs. Tahya.