Bulldogs can’t swim without an owner


Swimming with a dog is the dog’s biggest nightmare. Of course, if you are not Will McCameron. Will Blue’s one-year-old bulldog never let its owner take a bath.

As president and founder of Brewry85, Will spent a long, tiring day at a powerful brewery. We know that there is no better way to relax after a long working day.

There is only one problem. He will appear here, begging to join.

Blue not only attracts the bath. It’s all the same if he, if he is, his ego page on Instagram confirms this.

It is not always allowed to take a bath with a small dog. Finally, Blue spends most of the day lying on the dirty beer floor, collecting dirt and dust. Obviously, water is not the first thing you want. But the deaf does not give up, and the owner insistently pulls him until he enters. He will bark, whisper, stick his nose into the bathtub all the time, and eventually jump without permission. In those rare days, the deaf really complicated his life, so he immediately stopped asking and lay down on the edge of the bathroom.

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