Seagull Picks A Rabbit Out And Eats It Whole Effortlessly


Seagulls feed primarily on organic debris and fish, but they also have other animals for lunch.

Seagulls are closely related to terns, and they are also distantly related to auks, skimmers, and more distantly to the waders. They have a strong hooked beak, long pointed dandruff, and a straight-cut tail.

Wilderness cruelty also shows a video clip that has landed online these days. In it, a great black-backed seagull swallowed a whole rabbit!

Skomer Island,Youtube

Seagulls tend to hunt for fish, but often they pick carrion, catch live prey and browse for food along the coast. Sometimes gulls even catch snakes and smaller rodents.

A video landed on the web in which a great black-backed seagull caught a rabbit in a warren and then swallowed it whole. The scene was filmed on Skomer Island in Wales, considered the “birthplace” of great black-backed seagulls, which are the largest gull species in the world.

Source: KlipLand