A dog with a human face has taken a smile on the world


No matter where we come across dogs, they always make sure they warm our hearts. Whether it is in the street or even on social media, they can make us forget about our worries for a moment and just smile from our hearts.

But when we saw this sweet dog that has a human face, we couldn’t help but sharing with you the serious cuteness overload.

Meet Nori, he is an Aussiepoo mix that lives his life in Seattle with his parents; Tiffany Ngo and Kevin Hurless. When they take him for a stroll, they often get reactions from strangers about his astonishing face.

After his dad tweeted his hilarious face, he became a social media sensation, and Nori loves being in the limelight. Kevin’s photo made rounds on tweeter and has drawn everyone’s attention.

Although Nori was used to be greeted in the street by strangers for his unique face, now he’s stopped by people who recognize him from the internet.

It was even worse when he was a pup, his fur was darker, and people would compare him to Ewok from Star Wars. Nori’s parents couldn’t walk more than a block without having passersby stopping them to ask about the adorable pup.

At times they believe that it’s his eyes that make his face seem like a human face, he has these special looks.

Nori’s mom created him his own Instagram account, where he gets many comments about his human face. Tiffany and Kevin didn’t expect to receive so much attention just from uploading Nori’s photos.

Sweet Nori is friendly, affectionate, and bountiful. He loves being the center of attention and making many new friends.

His parents let him get lots of attention and allow people to pet him, although it can sometimes be tiring to have such a famous dog.

Nori isn’t an only child, he has an adorable sibling called Boba whose Nori’s partner in crime. In fact, Nori’s faces are much more hilarious when he’s around Boba because his sibling annoy him at times.

Source: Caters Clips , goanimals