Caring Golden Retriever Brings Home Lone Stray Kitten And Saves Its Life


friendly appearance, and gentleness around young children makes them one of the best dog breeds in my opinion!

Based on a recent news story, it seems that my personal observation of Golden Retrievers has been confirmed to be true once more.

It all started when a Golden Retriever discovered a stray kitten all alone with no mother or siblings in sight. Looking malnourished and uncared for, the Retriever’s first instinct was to pick up the tiny, white kitten in its mouth and carry it back to their home to keep it safe.

Viral Paws,Youtube

After bringing the struggling kitten into the house and onto a soft blanket, the dog’s owner stepped it. Seeing that the kitten was still young, yet having no momma kitty nearby, the owner of the Retriever began bottle-feeding the innocent feline until their tiny tummy was filled.

Once the initial feeding was over, the canine gave some warm cuddles to the small kitten. They became one another’s best friend right away! They may be different in size, but their intention to love one another was the same. It was very clear that the dog didn’t want to make the kitten a snack after all.

In fact, in one clip of a video featuring the Golden Retriever and kitty, the kitten is struggling to step over a stair. The Retriever proves him or herself to be a good and loyal companion by giving it a soft nudge to help them up. Awe!

Viral Paws,Youtube

The video of the dog and kitten quickly went viral. It was posted December 13, 2019, and it just two month’s time, it earned 3,230,000 views and counting. Wow!

Viewers from around the world instantly fell in love with the sweet friendship between the Golden Retriever and their tiny, furry pal.

A few of the many comments included:

“Ah yes, the Golden comes through again. Friends have one, the friendliest, most gentle creature you can imagine. That kitty is so cute as well. How can this not put a smile on your face?!!”

“Golden Retrievers have a heart of gold. Can you please make more videos of them. I could watch this all day. Toooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!”

Source: metaspoon