Man Used His Warm Coffee To Rescue 3 Kittens Frozen To The Ground For Hours


Kendall Diwisch of Canada encountered three abandoned kittens lying in the snow next to the road these days.

The owners discarded them, and due to the cold, kittens froze to the ground. Kendall immediately came to their rescue!

Kendall Diwisch,Facebook

A video came from the city of Drayton Valley in Alberta, Canada, when Kendall Diwisch spotted three abandoned kittens while driving. They were sitting by the side of the road calling for help as their tails stuck to the ground because of the low temperatures.

He managed to rescue one kitten at first, then headed to his vehicle, where he had warm coffee. He poured it over the tails of the remaining two kittens, freeing them shortly after.

If Kendall would not come to their aid, the kittens would most likely have a tragic fate. He then took the kittens to his home, where they warmed up and got food.

All three kittens have already been adopted by good people after Kendall’s intervention!

Source: klipland