Baby raises the stakes on newest internet dance challenge


Where there’s the internet, there’s going to be an internet challenge.

Some of the more popular challenges in the past have been the cinnamon challenge, the chubby bunny challenge, the infamous Tide pod challenge, and the ever popular bottle flip challenge.

From eating cinnamon, stuffing oversized marshmallows in the mouth – to please don’t ever eat Tide pods, there something for everyone.

While some of the internet challenges are either unsafe or just plain silly, there always seems to be the need to have a constant rotation of challenges flowing through the internet.

Thankfully, not all of them are dangerous – some are just plain fun.

Internet Dance Challenges Are Popular

Just in case you are trying to keep up with the latest dance viral trend, we’ve moved way past the “Cupid Shuffle,” “The Dab,” and “Flossing.

The Newest Craze Is . . . The Git Up Challenge.

“The Git Up’ was released earlier this year by Blanco Brown and peaked at number 66 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Blanco was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and was influenced by his grandmother listening to Johnny Cash.

He himself enjoyed hip hop artists and the combination of both styles influenced him as an artist.

But, where the real fun begins is the step-by-step tutorial that was released inspiring the dance.

The song itself is described as “country-rap” and the line dance it has inspired is what has caused it to go viral.

Anyone from dads and daughters, to police officers and everyone in between have uploaded their version of the challenge and it couldn’t be more fun.

Cue In Cute Baby.

But not to be outdone by all the grown ups strutting their stuff, this little one adds his own little moves and is impressing us all.

Only learning to walk just a week before, this darling baby moved right into dancing and what better song to pick?

With his little Mickey Mouse onseie he proves he has the moves and age doesn’t make a difference.

Mom clearly knew the right song to pick as immediately her little one went into action and demonstrated dancing is in the soul.

He already knows how to shake his stuff around and why not when you are that cute?

Strutting His Stuff At All The Right Times.

He even seems to get his feet moving right to the beat as if he’s had lessons, but we highly doubt Mommy has taken things that far.

No doubt, she just put on the music and her talented little tyke took over from there.

He seem right when to know to spin around, put his little arm up in the air and not only entertain Mommy – but the rest of us too.

We can only hope he continues his dance moves as not only are they great exercise and good for coordination, they are also highly entertaining.

And viewers can’t agree more. Commenters on the video are saying:

He is so sweet and cute. When the song said “grab a sweetheart and spin her around,” He turned around.


That baby is SO Cute!!!! He is a VERY good dancer!”

We can’t agree more. This little fellow made our day competing in the latest dance challenge.

I think you will agree that music moves the soul and this little one is on point proving it.

Watch is precious moves below – they will surely bring a smile to your face!

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Source: bonvine