Tiny Shorkie Puppy And Little Baby Girl Have A Sweet Conversation


I think most of us can agree that babies and puppies are two of the cutest things on the planet! They’re both tiny, innocent, and make the most adorable sounds. Although both require a considerable amount of care while they’re still young, there’s no doubt that a majority of us find comfort and joy within their presence. But when we don’t have a sweet, little puppy or a baby at home, the next best thing is to watch cute videos of them online.

Since both are equally as cute, coming across videos of both puppies and babies is the cherry on top! And, well, a video of Baby Sophie and her family’s shorkie (a mix between a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier) puppy named Wickett is perhaps one of the cutest around. The two youngsters, although they’re of different species, seem to somehow understand one another’s language!

In a video taken of the pup and infant engaging in a little conversation, Sophie is in the crawling position as the shorkie barks at her from two to three feet away. Every time the puppy barks, Sophie knows that’s her cue to talk back. It’s almost as if she knows exactly what the furry fella is saying! Back and forth, the conversation continues. There’s a lot to say on both sides, that’s for sure!

Although it may sound like Wickett is angry and that Sophie is upset at the barking dog, in truth, they both seem to be enjoying themselves. Towards the end of their conversation, Sophie even laughs as the dog gets low to the ground and barks at her.

According to text in the video, “Wickett seems to be able to speak baby language!” Others might even call little Sophie a “dog whisperer.” Either way, both Wickett and Sophie seem to be on the same wavelength as they seem to be getting along quite well as they converse with one another!

Source: metaspoon