Mom Brings Home New Puppy And Older Dog


Who doesn’t love a good surprise? A random phone call from an old friend, a surprise birthday party after you thought everyone forgot or a big package in the mail from your favorite aunt! Life can send us wonderful surprises when we least expect it, brightening up your day in an instant, which is exactly the way things just went down for this lucky pup.

Lulu the Golden Retriever is a total slush bucket! She’s got a really big heart and a lot of love to share. She adores her two humans and has a pretty good life full of squeeze toys, couch cuddles, days spent playing fetch in the backyard and lots of yummy food in her dog bowl. Lulu loves her life, but today, things just got a little more exciting.

Lulu’s day started off as per usual. She’s at home playing around totally unaware of the big change that’s about to take place. Lulu is with dad when mom walks in with a big brown paper bag, and a little furry face sticking out. Dad made sure to think ahead, and planted the camera in the corner to catch everything that’s about to unfold.

The moment mom appears with a big mysterious bag, Lulu is up and ready. Her tail is wagging at 100 miles a minute, her face looking up and making eye contact with the brown bag. Mom just brought home a new Golden Retriever puppy named Benson, and Lulu couldn’t be more thrilled. Her body language is hilarious and heartwarming. Her breathing turns into delighted panting, and she can’t sit still. She’s running around in circles, unable to contain her joy at the arrival of a new pooch to play with! The excited pup even drops to the ground and rolls on her back. Listen as her tail thrashes the floor — she’s so happy! It’s because Lulu is getting older that mom and dad figured it was time to bring home a new addition to the family; this would keep her occupied.

Source: Metaspoon