Woman’s 4 Nosy Dogs Spy On Her While She’s Trying To Take A Bath


There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice, long soak in the tub with soothing, clean scents of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Not to mention, the feeling of being clean is stress-relieving in and of itself.

Élodie Lemyre also knows how incredible a bubble bath can be at the end of the day, which is why she takes them whenever she has the time. But as apparent in a viral video she filmed while bathing one day, she didn’t quite get the privacy she was hoping for. And, no, it wasn’t her snoopy toddler checking on Mommy; her four dog children decided to pay her a little visit!

Although the video footage is under 20 seconds long, it’s enough to give you a good laugh!

In the video, Élodie begins filming her bubble-filled bathtub. From the looks of things, she’s having a peaceful time in solitude. Ah, alone at last…but not for long.


Just seconds later, she pans the camera to one of her boxers, who is standing right next to her just staring. More likely than not, he or she is wanting a treat or maybe even a nice belly rub. “You’ve been in the bath long enough, Mom!”

But the boxer isn’t the only canine in the room. Just next to Boxer #1 is a second boxer. In the background, you can see another small dog walking by, presumably a chihuahua.

Then a fourth canine appears in the video: a dachshund standing on their back legs. Priceless!

Well, so much for Élodie’s private bath time session.

“Yeah, that’s about right. Dogs, kids, and husbands everybody wants in when mom is taking a bath. Moms never ever get privacy,” says one commenter who can relate to Élodie’s disrupted bath time.

“They don’t look impressed! How dare you try and have some relaxing alone time without involving your doggos!” another commenter says.

Source: LADbible, metaspoon