Woman Rushes To Save A Crying Koala From Raging Bushfire


During a past wildfire raging in Australia, a woman took care of really a touching move.

She spotted a helpless and injured koala in the woods, then immediately came to its aid. Even though she risked her life, woman put the helpless animal on the first place!

A woman named Toni quickly got into action – she picked up the injured koala, wrapped it in her T-shirt and then in a blanket. She even poured a water over the helpless animal in oredr to reduce burns.

When the koala was safe, Toni took her to the Koala Hospital Veterinary Clinic, located in Port Macquarie.

The touching scenes of rescue have quickly circulated around the web, with more than 600,000 views to date. The woman was crowned a hero by the locals, along with the media, and her act has moved many animal lovers around the world to tears.

Source: klipland