Grandma Sings Elvis Presley’s Song Adorable Pet


These days, the web is surrounded by another wonderful video recorded by a 69-year-old grandmother from Thailand.

This time, Malinda Herman sang one of Elvis Presley’s songs in the company of her chihuahua.

Praise for her singing talent has been raining from around the world, and the grandmother reaped the glory not long ago when she sang the song “I Can’t Stop Loving You” next to her dog.

This time again, praise for her singing talent is not missing. In the video, Malinda sang and played the song “Wooden Heart”, sung by Elvis Presley in English.

Many are impressed by the cute scene captured on camera in which grandma Malinda sang and played along her chihuahua. Listen how the 69-year-old grandmother from Thailand impressed many this time!

Source: KlipLand