Loyal Dog Still Sleeps To His Brother’s Bed A Year After He Passes Away


When we miss someone, we often turn towards things that bring us closer to them. We might wear an old t-shirt of theirs, sniff the scented candle they used to always burn in their room, or consume their all-time favorite meal. Whatever it might be, we use all of the things we can to find comfort in the person we miss when they can’t be there with us physically.

For two canines, George and Harry, they were inseparable. Living in the same household for years, it’s not a shock that the two “brothers” had a special bond and would always miss one another’s company. Both pups had their very own dog bed, but Harry was so emotionally attached to George that every night, he’d curl up next to George’s bed as the two dozed away. But when George had to be put to sleep after a kidney failure diagnosis, poor Harry was left lonely and heart-broken.

According to the dogs’ owner, Caitlin Wynne, “We took Harry to the vets with us when George was put to sleep and stayed next to him the whole time.”

Right away, Harry knew that George was gone, but the thought of him no longer being present left the pup completely devastated, so devastated that even months after George had been put to sleep, he continued to display sadness and a lack of energy.

Some people might think that the lone dog would eventually forget his old best friend and move on as if nothing had ever happened. However, just like humans, dogs miss their favorite pals when they’re not around, and they don’t just “forget” them.

Even a year after George was put to sleep, Harry still curls up next to George’s empty bed, as if his brother is still snuggled up inside of it. Harry’s family has no plans to remove the bed as a way to give their dog the opportunity to properly mourn and find comfort following George’s passing.

Although this is clearly a sad story, what’s beautiful about it is that it proves that animals are not only capable of forming emotional bonds with others, but they certainly don’t forget those bonds even after they’re broken. Sometimes we underestimate the emotional intelligence of animals.

Source: metaspoon