Man Goes To Shelter To Adopt A Pit Bull, Ends Up Leaving With A Chihuahua Too


Like humans, canines can also get attached to both living and non-living things. For example, maybe your dog has a certain toy that they never leave out of plain sight, or maybe they have a particular human that they’ve formed a strong bond with. Regardless, there’s typically someone or something that your dog is emotionally tied to.

For a three-year-old pit bull named Merrill, she got attached to an eight-year-old chihuahua named Taco while the two shared a temporary home at the Rocket Dog Animal Rescue, in Oakland, California. The two canines always wanted to be within one another’s company. Often, the shelter workers would spot them cuddling with one another. Nobody could keep them separated, and quite frankly, nobody wanted to separate them.

But one day, a man came to the shelter to adopt Merrill. Little did he know that the pit bill wouldn’t be too fond with the decision. The dog was not ready to let her best friend go. In response to the adoption, both Merrill and Taco started whimpering.

Not wanting to break up such a beautiful bond between the two dogs, the man, whose name is unknown, decided to adopt not just Merrill but Taco as well. Ultimately, this would be the best decision to ensure both of the dogs would be happy.

Fortunately, both shelter dogs were given a beautiful life living under the same roof. Even in their new home, the two canines could always be found with each other. Separate them for more than five minutes, however, they would both start whimpering until they were within one another’s presence again.

Source: metaspoon