Man Makes New Beds For Puppies Out Of Used Tires Found In The Streets


Finding a new purpose for old, worn-out items and breathing new life into them is exciting! And if it improves the quality of life for pups, then that’s even better! Using old materials that are now considered trash, might still have a little life in it yet–depending on how you look at it. Upcycling anything from clothing to packaging, and now tires, can really make a difference, especially for these dogs.

Millions upon millions of shredded, and chewed up tires are left to melt in the sun in stockpiles across trash dumps around the world. Once they’re removed from a car, they don’t serve many purposes. It takes a keen eye and big heart to solve three problems with one solution, and it seems like Amarildo Silva, a handyman from Brazil, might be on to something.

Noticing the surplus of used tires in the streets and junkyards of his hometown, Amarildo became curious. He was looking for an extra way to make income from the trash that people throw out. With a penchant for handicrafts made out of discarded materials, Amarildo has always enjoyed making something out of nothing. This way, he earns money and helps reduce waste.

Not only that, Amarildo made another observation. On the streets, tires provide a temporary home for stray dogs looking to curl up or hideaway. It’s a little nook of safety for animals to find peace.

That’s when it all clicked. He realized he could start a small business and make beds for dogs and other animals with found tires.


Amarildo uses what he finds. It’s not difficult, there are tires on most sides of the streets. He then hoses them down, gives them a good clean, cuts and paints them and adds a unique design to each creation. They’re colorful, patterned and made with love! They’re custom made with the name of the animal they’re going to.

So far, they’ve been a hit. Not only did he combine his love for handiwork and animals, but he’s also proving that we can live in a more sustainable world. His innovative idea is inspiring, and the tire-beds are making a difference in the lives of the puppies and kittens who get to use them!



He’s also gone one step further–these fun and delightful creations can be used as planters too. They’re sturdy and durable, and they add flair to the garden. Just look at how much you can fit in. They’re decorative and useful!


Source: Metaspoon