Adorable Husky Speaks English The Best He Can, Captures The World Instantly


The internet has been surrounded by a video these days, in which a cute husky has taken over many puppy lovers.

He has repeatedly proved himself with his English language skills, and the video has already exceeded 6.2 million views in just a week.

The owner wrote in the video that her dog does not always correctly pronounce certain words, but at every attempt he tries very hard to imitate the sounds she utters.

She added that the sympathetic husky repeatedly tries to even imitate the words he hears on television.

It is certainly true that the husky in a video is unlikely to understand the meaning of the words, but still tries hard to pronounce them. When you hear his English skills, you will applaud the dog and the owner for sure. Feel free to share this adorable husky video with your friends!

Source: KlipLand