Trooper Charges In On Kids Splashing Puddle When Mom Realizes His Intentions & Swarms In


A lot of the times officers get a bad reputation. Whether it’s because of the media or simply from having a bad taste in one’s mouth after getting a ticket.

But what people tend to forget is that officers are just like the rest of us – people trying to make a living.

An officers duty is to serve and protect people and when an emergency situation arises they are the first to show up to the scene.

Because of that we must tip our hats off to them.

We often times cross paths with an officer at restaurants, on the street, or even at the mall.

So when mom saw a Trooper at the Ohio State Fair she didn’t think much of it.

The man was clearly walking around to ensure that things were going smoothly throughout the fairgrounds.

As mom looked away from the Trooper her eyes locked on her son and another little boy standing next to a puddle.

Being little boys, the two boys got an idea mom wasn’t going to like because she’d inevitably be the one having to clean up the mess.

The two boys looked at each other and charged right into a giant puddle of water on the pathway.

As mom watched on all she could do was laugh as the boys splashed around having the time of their lives.

Just when she thought she’d seen it all, the trooper she’d been eying earlier comes out of nowhere and runs towards the two boys.

Confused, she looks on suddenly realizing what he’s up to.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun the trooper charges towards the boys and decides he wants to have a little fun in the puddle too.

He doesn’t hesitate to jump in with them and begins splashing around.

Mom then runs in and laughs out loud at the sight she is witnessing.

The two boys stand around in confusion when they realize the trooper has joined in on their fun too and that’s when mom comes in and gives the officer a pat on the shoulder.

She then steps back and begins to record as the two boys and officer continue having fun.

An onlooker recorded the entire exchange and posted it online where it quickly became a heartwarming sight for all.

We thank our officers for letting loose and having fun with us every once in a while! Watch the touching exchange in the video below.

Source: bonvine