Great Dane Throws Tantrum When Mom Brings Home New Puppy


They say jealousy is an ugly trait. Truth be told, however, we all feel green with envy at some point in our lives. For instance, maybe your sibling recently won the lottery, and you can’t help but wish that you were the one who won. Or, you might feel jealous when your best friend lands the great-paying job you’ve always dreamed of having yourself.

Either way, being jealous is essentially inevitable, no matter how content we are. We all get hurt, upset, or even angry when someone else gets something that we can’t have but want, whether that be a physical object, love, money, security, attention, or a reward for an accomplishment.

Bagira the Great Dane also knows how to feels to be jealous. When her owner, Lindsey Heinz, brought home a new puppy one day, Bagira couldn’t help be feel like she was being neglected and replaced. While some might consider Bagira a drama queen, surely we can all relate to how she feels in some shape or form!

In video footage of the Great Dane’s reaction, Lindsey is holding the tiny puppy in her arms, slowly stroking his fur. In response, Bagira begins barking in a deep voice to show her disapproval. “I can pet him too,” Mom responds to the envious canine. It’s clear that Bagira wants some loving too.

However, when Bagira realizes that her voice isn’t enough to get her mom to pay less attention to the new baby of the house, she stands up on her hind legs and wraps her arms around the back of her mom’s shoulders to communicate her feelings more clearly. “You’re so dramatic!” Lindsey says as her Great Dane is directly face-to-face with her and the puppy she’s holding.

The large dog still refuses to give up. Unfortunately for Bagira, neither does Mom. In fact, Lindsey eventually has to remove Bagira from leaning on her shoulders, so she can engage in more cuddle time with the puppy in peace.

Source: metaspoon