Doc’s Cute Routine For Giving Shots To 6-Month-Old Baby


Doctors are nightmare for both children and adults. Each of us experiences an unpleasant feeling before visiting a doctor.

We are all afraid that we will receive bad news or pain at such a visit, but our fears often prove to be wrong.

This was the case in a video clip that circled the web last year. It can be seen in the scene when a little girl had to overcome the vaccination. The parents took her to the doctor, and there they witnessed a special vaccination technique there.

The doctor vaccinated the baby so that she did not even know when he inserted the needle into her skin. Before that she was distracted by doctor’s hilarious moves, and the mother of the girl captured the whole scene on the camera!

Many parents were delighted by the doctor’s action, and more than 6 million people have watched the video until now. Bravo to the doctor for such a lovely procedure!

Source: klipland