Female Referee Puts Her Hand In Pocket, Pranks Football Player With Next Move


29-year-old Fernanda Colombo is a Latin-American beauty, who in the past performed the work of a model.

She comes from Brazil, but nowadays she doesn’t walk on fashion catwalks anymore, as she is now performing the work of refferee at football matches.

This time, she was at the center of attention when she showed during the past match that she also has a great sense of humor!

fernandacolomboreal, Instagram
At the stadium Estádio Christian Benítez, during the football match of Ecuador’s first league, she called Argentinian footballer Damian Diaz, and then reached into her pocket with her hand.

Everyone was expecting from a referee to pull a card out of her pocket and punish the soccer player, but this was not the case.

Instead, she grabbed a handkerchief in her hand, wiped the forehead with it, and with her gesture laughed the crowd of soccer players and audience. Look at the hilarious move of a 29-year-old beauty, which will surely impress you too!

Source: klipland