Teacher notices something off about these triplets, then discovers they’re 3 starving orphans


The Yeckes triplets had to endure a list of hardships that few could imagine. Yet somehow they have overcome incredible odds to graduate Valley High School in Las Vegas and start college.

Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra have lived without their parents during most of their childhoods. They became homeless without the basic necessities for survival and were kept out of school until they were 8 years old.

L-R: Sierra, Hayley, and Kassidy Yeckes. (Screenshot via Youtube)

Sierra told FOX5 Las Vegas: “When we were 3-months-old, our mother died and then our dad went to prison and we lived with our grandmother for a while.”

“She [their grandmother] did not believe in schooling, so we weren’t put into school until we were 8,” Kassidy said.

The Yeckes triplets today. (Screenshot via Youtube)

The triplets moved in with their father in Las Vegas after he got out of prison. Then he disappeared, leaving them alone for weeks at a time and left them to cook and clean for themselves.

“He started to leave us for weeks, months at a time,” Haley said. “We were left to kind of take care of ourselves.”

Finally, the girls’ house was shot up while they were home alone. They were forced to go live with their other grandparents, who were terribly neglectful. Shockingly, the hardship didn’t end there.

One of the triplets said, “We weren’t given food or clothing.”

The triplets were able to maintain a 3.0 GPA while taking advanced courses and working and finished at the top of their senior class with a 4.0 GPA. (Screenshot via YouTube)