Groomer Spends 3 Hours In Middle Of The Night To Have Heart Broken At Animal Underneath Matted Fur


Kari Falla of BGE Grooming in Oviedo, Florida, was getting ready to retire for the night when a post on Facebook caught her attention.

A woman named Mary Dixon posted on the Facebook group, Lost and Found Animals in Orange, Seminole, and Volusia Countries Florida, that there was an abandoned dog at the side of the road and she was asking for a volunteer to help clean him and take him for the night.

It was already late at night so rescue groups and Animal Services couldn’t get to him until the morning.

When Kari saw this post, she didn’t even hesitate. She volunteered and Mary brought the dog to BGE grooming at around midnight.

Kari immediately got to work and cleaned him up. It took longer than usual, especially since it looked like it’s been years since he’s had someone clean him.

But Kari pushed on until she could finish the job.

Kari Fall is the owner of BGE Grooming, a professional grooming and creative grooming salon for pets. BGE Grooming, or The Best Grooming Experience, promises a stress-free, pamper-full, personal attention to your pets.

They make sure to work on one dog at a time, unless they’re from the same family, to keep the environment peaceful and stress-free.

There are no loud noises, no loud dogs barking, and no cages. The dogs are groomed immediately, instead of having to wait for hours for their turn.