Big Dog Has To Break Trail For Little Dog Stuck In Deep Snow


Not only children, but also many pets are happy with the snow. Last week in Durango, in the US state of Colorado, a large amount of snow was sent from the sky, which covered the places and floor with a thick snow blanket.

Local resident John Mace has now posted an adorable video on the web in which he allowed his dogs to play in the snow.

His smaller puppy was steadily getting into the snow, and soon realized that the journey from a thick snow will be very difficult. He alerted his owner to his problems with a loud barking, but another dog friend came to his aid.

Because the other puppy is much larger, he did not have such problems when he overcame a thick snow blanket. Well, at least not so much problems as a little dog had. He quickly climbed up to the little puppy, turned around, and took his friend to the house by cleaning the way in front of him.

Once you see this cute video clip, you will once again realize that also animals can be friends with each other!

Source: klipland