Young girl commits suicide aged 14, so father invites bullies to the funeral to teach them lesson


Amy Jayne Everett, who went by Dolly Everett, was only 14 years old when she’d finally had enough. She ended her life to escape the school bullies. And now, her heartbroken parents speak out in the hopes their daughter’s tragic story will save other lives.

Dolly Everett grew up on a remote cattle farm in Australia and loved it. She had a great relationship with her close-knit family which consisted of her parents, Tick and Kate, and her sister, Meg. The smiling, lovely girl even did some modeling as a child for Akubra Hats.

Life on the ranch was great, but it was also isolated. Wanting the best opportunities for their daughters, Tick and Kate thought boarding school would be the best place once the girls became teenagers.

“Living as remote as we were, we thought that was the best option for an education,” Kate explained. “We basically did a pros and cons with them about their interests.”

And so, the family agreed upon a prestigious boarding school in Queensland. Dolly entered at 12 years old and both girls seemed to really like the school.

But then, Dolly became different.

“She changed during her two years at school,” Kate says. “We thought some of it was her age and that adolescent time.”

It turns out Dolly Everett was enduring severe bullying. And her parents wouldn’t know the full extent until after the 14-year-old’s tragic death.