When Baby Bat Is So Cute He Can Do Whatever He Wants


On the Youtube channel “Baby Bats & Buddies of Australia”, where they published numerous video recordings of rescued bats, a special scene landed in the end of last year.

A small bat can be seen in it, which stole all the attention with his cute image!

Self funded volunteers wrote down on the tape that they were taking care of hundreds of bats that were in trouble while being in the wild. Every animal is thoroughly inspected, and then taken care of until the day they are able to survive on their own in the wild.

They also took care of the James the bat in the video. He has captured the whole world with his image, and the video has accumulated over 2.5 million views to date.

Look at the cute scenes with the bat James when the volunteers captured him on camera during the afternoon rest. Would you have such a nice animal at home?