Dance Crew From Mumbai Slums Stuns On AGT


In total, there are 28 members of the group and many of them come from the slums of Mumbai. In these areas, there is no electricity and the conditions are very dirty. Many times there are seven or more people in one area that is meant for barely two. “Each day we pray for a better life, but in the slums, there is very little opportunity for us.”

There are not many opportunities in these areas, but this group has found comfort and support through dance. Together, they are taking their unique talents all the way to the America’s Got Talent stage and it’s one audition that you don’t want to miss.

While sharing their story, the judges are automatically intrigued by the group. But once they start to actually dance, the entire theater was blown away. This fast-paced routine is a combination of dance and acrobatics that will truly leave your jaw on the floor. There are so many flips and twists that I barely keep up, let alone imagine actually completing these maneuvers. And just when you think it can’t get any better, the group kicks it up another notch for the grand finale.

V Unbeatable is truly a group like no other and they have inspired so many around the world with their story. I am so excited to see where this journey takes them.