Bus Driver Ignores Weight Limit On Old Bridge As He Drives Over, The Footage Is Nail-Biting


Bus Drivers approaching the Beaver Bridge, a historic Ozarks landmark in Arkansas, witnessed a scary sight when they noticed a tourist bus attempting to cross it.

The historic bridge known as the “Little Golden Gate” is a destination that tourists should seek out. But what they shouldn’t do is drive over it in a bus three times the allowable weight. A bystander caught the terrifying moment a bus crossed over the old structure, causing it to bend under its weight.

The 75-year-old bridge has a weight limit of 10 tons, but the bus weighed more double that! Although other drivers honked to warn the bus driver, there was no turning back, given it’s a one lane bridge. Luckily, the bus reached the other side safely.

It seems buses in the area are courting danger, as the bystander who filmed this scary ride noted: “This is the 2nd bus to cross the 10-ton limit one-lane Beaver bridge.”