Draining A Parking Lot Flood Looks Way More Satisfying Than You Think


These days, a special scene came to the web, which quickly impressed many. A large quantity of water accumulated in front of one of the parking lots, which caused a lot of problems to drivers.

That is why the author of the video decided to act quickly while capturing his act on the camera.

On the recording, he wrote that the water was about one foot deep, causing a lot of problems to smaller cars when crossing the puddle. Since the water had accumulated there due to a clogged drainage shaft, the author of the video first began to clean the drain.

With the help of a stick, he was able to clean the drain up to the point that it began to swallow the water, and the entire scene was captured on the camera.

See how satisfying the scene looks like when we clean the clogged drainage under a large amount of water!

Source: klipland