Kids are bundles of joy and they always find a way to put a smile upon our faces. They are so cute that you can’t just hate them. Well, who will hate a kid? Psychos, right? When a child is born, it is expecting of the parents and family to take care of the child till he/she comes of age and be able to stay alone. So, let’s say children are to be cared for. The cycle of life is so interesting that the kid that was born yesterday will very soon become a parent and from that become a grandparent. The question is, how to we make this cycle of life last longer. I don’t think there’s any country in the world that their life expectancy is more then 95. So, does that mean that the average human doesn’t live up to 100 years? Wow, how can I as an adult increase my life span?

We have heard of healthy living, exercises and all but research has made an important discovery for our elderly. It has been said that grandparents who babysit their grandkids tend to live longer than those who didn’t. Wow, how is that possible? Well, the study was carried out by the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. It brought it to notice that older people who cared for their grandkids and others live 7 years more than those that didn’t.

Researchers made it known that the reason why this is so is that care giving gives older people purpose and keeps them active. Furthermore, those that didn’t see their grandchildren can have their health negatively impacted. Even if the person that is cared for is not a relative, it still works. This keeps older people a sense of purpose and keeping them physically and mentally active. We all know that spending time with our children keeps us on our toes, but until now, there was no science to back up an extended lifespan. Care giving improves cognitive functioning, as well as physical and mental health.

Source: viralhatch