Little Girl Delivers Amazing Violin Performance While Playing “Lambada” Hit Song


Karolina Protsenko is only a 10-year-old girl who is already a real sensation on the Internet despite her youth.

She has found the love in violin playing, and she also publishes a number of videos on her Youtube channel, where she has more than 870,000 subscribers to date!

A young musician comes from the United States, and on one of the streets she once again showed her talent again. She took many with a wonderful performance when she played the world famous bestseller “Lambada” of band Kaoma, which saw the light of the world in 1989.

The curious Karolina began playing the violin at six, and in 2016 she created her channel on the Youtube network. Already in the past, she excited many listeners with a number of covers of well-known hits!

Listen to the wonderful performance of a 10-year-old girl who stole all the attention by playing the song “Lambada” on the violin. Will Karolina Protsenko take on you too with her exceptional street performance?

Source: klipland