Giant pig gets loose so deputy uses secret weapon to lure him home


Forget a Klondike bar; what would you do for a bag of Doritos?

Authorities in San Bernardino County in California were recently called to a neighborhood for an unusual problem: there was a gigantic spotted  pig  wandering around, apparently lost. And when we say “gigantic,” we’re not exaggerating — residents described the wandering boar as “the size of a mini horse.”


Deputies Ponce and Berg were on duty when they stumbled upon the errant pig, and since they’d received so many calls at the station they knew exactly where the pig lived. The only problem was how do you get a pig to follow you back home when you don’t have a rope or any other farming gear at your disposal?

The answer lay inside one of the deputy’s lunch bags. Searching for something to lure the beast back home, she pulled out a bag of Doritos chips and offered the pig a sniff. Upon finding the proffered snack acceptable, the pig began ambling after the officer.


Slowly but surely, the two cops managed to lure the pig down the suburban streets, doling out the salty snacks until they had successfully wrangled it back into its pen. That’s when the fun really began.

After the story hit the web, people could not stop giggling over the entire scenario. On Twitter, many were quick to admit that they too would follow just about  anyone  for a bag of Doritos!


All’s well that ends well! Plus, now we know what to do if we ever run into a lost piggy who needs help getting home. Doritos to the rescue!

Watch the deputy leading the pig with Doritos below, and don’t forget to  share  to make someone smile today.

Source : the bl Stories