Beagle Mom Adopts Possum After She Loses Her Litter Of Puppies At Birth


Have you ever seen a very different friendship? It’s one of those pairs that you look at think: “How are these two people friends? They’re so different, there is no way they can possibly have anything in common, and I have no clue what they talk about!” It happens, and although opposites attract, you usually think that your friends need to be just like you for the two of you to hit it off.

Well, the same can apply to animals too. Sometimes you see these videos where a cat is friends with a mouse (it has happened!); a dog and a duck are inseparable; or, how about a dog and a donkey being the bestest of friends at a farm? It happens, and here is another example: a dog recently adopted a possum, and now they’re best friends.

Molly is a mommy Beagle, but her life met with a tragedy the moment she became a mom; Molly’s entire litter of puppies passed away right after birth. It was soon after this tragedy that Molly’s owners noticed her change in behavior; the dog was now sad and lonely. Things were looking rough for Molly until one day a little possum came by and made things so much better.

Apparently, the possum jumped onto Molly’s back and they’ve been friends since. Elle and Sara Moyle, Molly’s owners, say that “they’ve been inseparable ever since.” Although the two come from very different walks of life, you can tell that they both feel the same way: lonely. Molly had lost all her puppies at birth and Poss (that’s the possum’s name) was abandoned at birth by its mother, so a time of tragedy for both of them turned into something so much more beautiful.

The Moyles have a Gazette cattle property, so it’s not easy for little Poss to roam around all day. But, the two have found a happy solution to help the little guy around: Poss jumps on Molly’s back and off they go, roaming around all day!

Source: 9 News