Her dog hops in the wagon. When she starts to pull – mom burst into laughter


There’s no question that these two will be friends till the end. After all, when this adorable toddler pulls her Australian Shepherd in a wagon – it’s apparent that they have a special bond between them. Get ready to say “awww,” because this video is absolutely adorable!

Kids and dogs are a match made in heaven. Think about it… Dogs that have families with kids get to enjoy yummy table scraps, accidental food spills, and lots of playtime. Now for the child, they also get the benefit of a built in playmate (as well as someone to help clean up those spills!). For these reasons, it’s no wonder that sometimes a dog will do anything to keep their child happy – including riding in a wagon.

In the video, we see a little knee-high girl pulling a wagon with her pup riding inside. She smiles and giggles as she struggles to get the wagon to move. Her dog sits inside patiently during the ride. Whether he’s actually enjoying it or not, this Australian Shepherd definitely deserves a gold star!