People are leaving dogs to freeze to death in the bitter cold: Animal rescue organisations & authorities issue warning


Some people don’t understant that cold weather is not only hard for humans but also for other animals. During this freezing season, it is normal for pet owners to keep their pets inside, otherwise they may freeze to death. And as awful as this sounds, many already paid the price of their owners being careless and leaving them outside with their lives.

The weather forecast says that more days of brutal cold and snow are expected to hit North America, and it means no animal should be left outside. The animal rights activists urge everyone who sees a dog being chained outside to report the case to the local authorities.

One case of this type of animal neglect was reported by the Hartford, Connecticut police department. The woman whose dog was found frozen in its tiny house outside her home had been charged with animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, a dog from Cincinnati died in the same manner. The county sheriff posted on Facebook, saying: “The dog was found in an outside dog house with no insulation. The dog was frozen to death due to the severe cold weather. Sheriff Jones would like to remind everyone that freezing to death is a horrible way for an animal to die.”

Detroit Dog Rescue

An incident from Detroit resulted in a Pomeranian mix being found dead in front of the Detroit Dog Rescue Center. The authorities are trying to locate the person responsible.

A few days later, the group rescued another dog who was found shivering in a barrel outdoors. The dog sustained frostbite to his paws and penis.

“Trying to escape the frigid temperatures he curled up and crouched down, but even his underbelly and penis began to freeze,” Detroit Dog Rescue wrote about Joey in a Facebook post. “His feet are so painful he doesn’t want to stand.”

“Dogs, cats and horses depend on our care, especially during life-threatening cold snaps. Take the animals in, or somehow provide a safe environment for them,” Wayne Pacelle, president and chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States, said in a statement.

Although many states and cities take the matter of leaving an animal outside during freezing weather a serious violation punishable by law, it’s different for each country.

Please make sure to contact your local animal control and rescue groups if you come across a dog in distress, as they will have the legal authority to intervene.